I’m K.A.M. Lewis, a self-published author and regular weirdo just like you. This blog is where I spill my brain juice.

I’m 27 as of this update, working as a bookseller in the Big Apple while trying to get back in school for whatever and evade crushing student load debt (along with the emotional issues and medical bills that come with it). I spend my every waking minute thinking of stories. Flying robots. Magic stolen jewels. Fisticuffs inside volcanoes. Fisticuffs on top of moving trains. Actually, probably 70% of what I think about involves fisticuffs.

I won’t be callous enough to call myself a writer—I’m more of a professional daydreamer. Writing just happens to be the easiest way to record these mental adventures. What I like to do on this blog is spill some brain juice onto the page and then hand it to you for consumption. If you like it, share it with others and maybe one day I’ll get paid by the Faeries. If you don’t, well, now you have something to wipe your ass with.

Follow me on one of the gajillion social media sites out there—just type “Kevin A.M. Lewis” in the search field and you’ll find me. Most importantly, keep a tab on this blog! I release short stories every so often for your reading pleasure.

Thanks for your support, best wishes, ava diel, and so on,
Kevin A.M. Lewis

Legal Jargon

K.A.M. Lewis (the “Author”) is the sole owner of this site. All works posted here, including short stories, novel chapters, and blog posts, are copyrighted (c) by the Author. Featured artwork generally does not belong to the Author and is used purely for display purposes, not for profit. Knight of the Moon header artwork is by Paul Piwko and the Author holds usage rights for commercial use. Links to offsite content does not belong to the Author unless explicitly stated.


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