I would bathe in flesh
If I could soak in sin
I would wade in lust
If you would let me in

Heed only my words
Care not for their timbre
You are half the moon
I would have you larger

Brows clasped in prayer
She considers me
Wading through afflictions
She considers me
Heart beating like a drum
She considers me
She considers me
And then she considers me

Now she lets me in
I struggle to contain
Now she lets me sink
I vie not to grin

For I am in her mind
I am in her room
I am in her heart
I am in her womb

We are bathed in flesh
We are soaked in sin
We are wading in lust
We are wrapped in skin

How our souls collide
As the moonlight flows
In one white steady stream
Through a window

Through a window
In one white steady stream
The moonlight does flow
I vaguely hear her scream

I am going mad
I am losing clout
Something is inside me
Something coming out

She is hugging down
She’s embracing sin
She is gripping death
And I am pouring in

Now my grin is wide
All my fangs are bared
I am half a man
My other half is where


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