Shared Post: Winter’s Day by Benjamin Rajapaksa

A huge shout out to my friend Ben, who wrote this inspirational piece and gave me permission to share. You rule, man!



We will sit together
In the cold at daybreak,
As if we are not cold.
And in this warmth we share
Visions will be our breaths,
Illustrating our thoughts.

And we will imagine
That we each imagined
Us both sitting here now.
The way I remember,
Or the way you do not,
Does not matter to us Read more


African Lingo

The professor wrote a word on the board. Then he pointed at it with his meter stick.

“Repeat after me,” he said. “‘Hyper…bole. Hyper…bole.’ Repeat!”

The children piped up: “Hypa…bully. Hypa…bully.”

The professor spanked the black off their bottoms.

“I have no faith in these chiljen!” he told his assistant. “They are all going to fail!”

The assistant looked at him funny. “What did you just say, professor?”

“I say these chiljen are incompetent! They are all going to fail!”

“The children, you say?”

“Yes, yes, the chiljen!”

The assistant wrote a word on the board. Then she pointed at it with her meter stick.

“Repeat after me, professor: ‘chil…drrren. Chil…drrrrrrrrren.’ Repeat!”

The professor piped up: “Chil…jen. Chil…j-j-jen.”

The assistant spanked the black off his bottom.