It’s been a while now since I posted any updates about the publication status of Metal Shadow Prelude. Rest assured, I’m hard at work editing this baby, and the results so far are fantastic. We’re looking at a very promising book release later this year. There’s just a few teeny weeny updates I need to fill people in on.

Let’s Get This Out of the Way

Firstly, the title change. Yes, TITLE change. The Metal Shadow series is no longer the Metal Shadow series. From today forth, it shall be known as Neverending Knights. And the first book in this series is…



Noa Rylie, the Winter Queen, is proud, mighty, cunning, and devious. She’s also pregnant with her first child, and she has no idea how it happened.

When Noa sets out to find an explanation to the impossible, her vacant throne becomes the meeting place for rebel factions and conniving tyrants long since ready to wage war. Only the Agency, an organization of highly-trained operatives with supernatural powers, have what it takes to bring her back and restore order to the realm.

But among the Agency’s ranks are a man hellbent on revenge; four misfits who don’t play by the rules; a duo of reluctant assassins; and an elderly medic who’s just about had enough. Not exactly knights in shining armor.

What fate awaits these valiant warriors as they chase the most dangerous woman alive? As they unravel her deepest secrets? As they remember their own dark pasts?

It all goes down tonight.


Hold for Applause

Okay, so why the name change? I’m sure this may come as a surprise to some, but truth is, it has been a long time coming. The original title, Metal Shadow/Prelude, was too enigmatic; it gave no definitive sense of what the story is about. When I told people I was writing a story called “Metal Shadow,” they were like, “Okai.” And they’d wear this expression like they’d just been told water was wet.

Plus, I’ve always thought “Metal Shadow” wasn’t an entirely clever title, which all book titles should be. There’s got to at least be a pun in there. Maybe a double-pun. So I gave it some thought and came up with a few alternatives–titles that really captured what the series is about. Battle & Romance. Children of Enigma. Battle: Reborn. Those were all good and dandy, but it wasn’t until I thought of Knight of the Moon that I really had something. Something magical.

In choosing this book title, I’ve also finally narrowed down the number of books I will write in the series to about 14 total. That’s because the 7th book just HAS to be called MidKnight.

What’s Left

With this name change and new book cover, all that’s left to alter now is the content of the story, i.e. editing. I’m currently on chapter 5 with my editor, and I’ve already uploaded 1-3 on JukePop (read ’em here). What I’ll essentially be doing is re-uploading each chapter as I edit with the same fanfare as when they were released for the first time, drumming up interest in the final product while simultaneously offering a beta read. Obviously, I’d greatly appreciate some beta readers who can help shape my vision of the final draft. After that, that’s it; the book is hitting Amazon. Once I get out of the hospital from partying too hard at my book release party, I’ll get started on promoting my sweet darling to the masses.

Speaking of which, the book might also be hitting shelves. I’m not sure what JP’s plan is for physical copies (far as I’m aware, it’s coming out on Amazon and iBook), but with what’s left in my budget from the crowdfunding campaign, I plan to purchase the Prince Street package from McNally Jackson’s to get Prelude on that store’s shelves. This’ll also land me about 50 copies on-hand for folks to sample and perhaps review. It’s just a preliminary idea for now, but a promising one.

I’m pretty stoked about all this. I’m about to put out an actual book. Not a chapter of a serial, or a short story, but a full-length, 100k-word novel. Y’all don’t even know right now.

So, err, that’s it. How about we go back to marveling Paul Piwko’s gorgeous cover art?




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