It’s begun. Metal Shadow #Prelude’s crowdfunding campaign to be published as a novel on Amazon has officially launched on JukePop. Don’t everybody line up at once!

I’ve written all the deets over on this page, so check it out when you can. But here’s a brief summary to whet your appetite. >:D

What’s Happening?

Crowdfunding. Prelude is accepting donations so it can be edited, prettyified with cover art, and be advertised on the NYC subway. Again, read all the deets here.

How’s it Happening?

Through JukePop’s new “Investments” platform. This isn’t your typical Kickstarter: this is crowdfunding with *punch*.

In summary, the more you donate, the more you’ll earn back in profits from the book’s sales. That’s right–YOU will earn profits if you donate to MY book! FOREVER! The going rate is $10 for 0.25% of profits, but you can raise your own income from there. Since the price is so low, I expect there to be quite a large number of people who will be on the investment team, and I intend to coordinate all of them in marketing efforts. Join us, eh? You can pitch in as low as $1 or even just tell a friend.

When’s it Happening?


That’s really all there is to it. Jump over to that deets page and get informed. In the meantime, I’ll be updating Prelude with Phase 1’s edited chapters throughout the campaign. Look forward to that!


2 thoughts on “Metal Shadow Prelude is Getting Funded…by You!

  1. I just want you to know that I did read the first three chapters of Prelude and the first of Metal Shadow. And even though I never had the time to finish them, I’ve loved them immensely. Hopefully, once it’s out in full and editted, I would get to enjoy the whole thing (spoiler free :D).

    Oh, you should also find yourself 5% closer to your goal now. (But I failed math, so I might be wrong :P)

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