It’s just missing a few loops.

In other news, Vol.1: Road to Exile, seems to be finished. I say “seems” because I’m still drafting the upcoming chapters, and they’re all so closely tied to this arc, plus riding the climactic high created in chapter 34, that I’m considering lumping the next 18 or so chapters into this volume. Would make sense since Metal Shadow Prelude was 52 chapters, and another 18 chapters would put this volume right at that level.

But I’m actually in need of a break from MS. Truth is, I’m unemployed, and this book isn’t paying any bills. For the rest of September I won’t be putting out any chapters of anything as I struggle to find a steady job and fight back with a stick that mythical beast called my student debt.

I’ve come to a startling realization while finishing Metal Shadow. This is something I’ve never shared in public, or at least never written about in a blog: that I have major depressive disorder and am often battling suicidal thoughts. Don’t run off! The good news is that writing this epic fantasy/sci-fi story has slayed the shit out of my depression. The same thing happened while writing the Prelude, but my depression hadn’t been as severe that time as it’s been recently, so I didn’t notice.

If that’s any indication, I’ll be jumping back on the Metal Shadow bandwagon very soon, perhaps even before the end of the year. Therapy and medications have absolutely nothing on writing a book.

Now back to that chart. Look at the little gap which the rollercoaster can jump over and just picture what might happen…


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