As I recently announced via Twitter and Pinterest, as well as on the story itself, my action-packed fantasy/sci-fi serial Metal Shadow is currently on hiatus. No, not the one or two week break I had spoken about earlier. An indefinite suspension of the story. We’re talking a month, a year—or much, much longer.

For those who don’t know, this tale has been something of an obsession of mine since high school. I aim to turn Metal Shadow into a glorious video game one day (that dream hasn’t changed), and this detour into book writing had merely been a means of fleshing out the story for that. Sadly, I can’t continue the serial at the moment. For the sake of my emotional, financial, and perhaps social health, I can’t.

Here’s a graph of Metal Shadow’s readership, by +Vote count:

Graph provided by JukePop's new Author Analytics tool
Graph provided by JukePop’s new Author Analytics tool

As we can see, the story lost many readers around chapters 6 and 10, with a few less readers dropping out the chapter before. After chapter 12, everyone stopped entirely. Those two readers still voting at the end are family members.

What happened there? Did the story reach new levels of suck at those chapters that people just couldn’t stand anymore? That’s one possibility. Chapter 5, at the least, was a climactic chapter, with 6 being the sort of post-climax wind-down. 9 and 10 were regular chapters by all means, and maybe that told people this wasn’t the story they were looking for.

But I would wager there is a different reason readers left at those chapters: because those two chapters were the spots where I installed JukePop’s new Unlock feature. I essentially setup a paywall at chapter 6, then moved it to chapter 10 when I realized no one was planning to pay to keep reading. I later removed the Unlock feature entirely, but as the graph shows, the damage was done. My readers had lost their patience with Metal Shadow.

What’s scary is that the paywall was $1.29. Literally pocket change. My story wasn’t worth even that much in the eyes of my readers. Ouch.

Thankfully, I’m not writing entirely for other people. I kept publishing chapters for free well after the fact, because I’m this story’s biggest fan. However, in light of what analytics has shown me, I’ve decided it would be best to take a break from this series until interest for it builds back up.

To any of my readers reading this post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loyalty and patience! I hope you’ll eagerly await the day Metal Shadow resumes serialization.

Now, in the meantime, I could do things like edit those curious chapters where readership dipped. Since I was putting out chapters pretty swiftly, there’s a good deal of content waiting to be expanded upon or rewritten. However I’d much rather move onto something else; a new story that isn’t Metal and isn’t Shady and doesn’t Prelude. Something, perhaps, that is totally fresh. Something absolutely fun. Something that hits on themes people are already familiar with, and could dive right into.

So, without further ado, I am proud to introduce:


A tale of hi-tech futuristic zombie coupling, told from first-person perspective of a zombie.

It is the year 2099. As expected, it is a bad year for humanity. The virus thing spread. People died. Then people undied. Now they are undead.

Humans war for control of a world they can no longer control. Their enemies: zombies. Those flesh-eating ghouls of death darkness.

But what happens when one human falls in love with a zombie, and discovers, much to her surprise, that the only thing zombies ever wanted were hugs?

Yes, I’m kidding.

I won’t reveal my new serial just yet, because I do think it’s going to be a good one and I want to flesh it out in secret. What I will do is drop a screenshot of my Drive Folder and let you guys deliberate what it could be. Leave a comment if you think you know what “GEV” stands for. The winner will become one of the serial’s dashing main characters!

Eh? What's this? Kevin's got a new story in his Drive folder? Ohhh snaps!
Eh? What’s this? Kevin’s got a new story in his Drive folder? Ohhh snaps!

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