It’s been a rough couple of days here on Planet Kevin. I’ve had to come to terms with the possibility that I may not be earning income from the Metal Shadow books for a long time. I’ve removed the “unlock” feature and made it free to read every day of the week. I left a nice, snazzy explanation to my readers at the bottom of the serial. Will probably stay up there for a few weeks.

The last three chapters of the “Kuralle” story arc (chapters 13-15) are on the menu right now. My goal is to release them by the end of the week, then take a 1 or 2 week break from writing. This, of course, eats right into my 52-week plan to publish the first 100 chapters of the story, since it means, upon return, I will have to spend a few weeks writing 3 chapters instead of 2. However, I’m planning to do another “summer of shadow” this year, cranking out 3 chapters a week from May through August, so I think I’ll be fine New Year’s Resolution-wise. I also could use the break.

This 3-chapter release-then-break means two things. First, it means I will be hibernating from the Internets this week as I work this glorious finale to completion. Second, it means I will have 1 or 2 weeks afterward to focus on a bevvy of other items, such as finding a job, reassessing my promotion strategies for Shadow, and tinkering on some things with the Write Now Wiki. All of which I will work on, promise! When I return it’s back to business, but not the usual kind. Expect a few changes around Planet Kevin.

Oh my. I like that. “Planet Kevin.” Why the hell didn’t I name this blog that?

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