And for my next trick, I will take one of my old blogs and repost it here for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I’m here googling this quote from Harry Potter (“Wizards have a government?”) to see which book it came from, and I stumble across this random thread on the Internets from a forum called Flat Earth Society. Below is a couple of posts from the thread, titled “Wizards in the Government”. Prepare to be awed.

Wizards in the Government

So I wanted to call to your attention the fact that there are wizards not only being hidden and employed by the United States government but are responsible for some of the largest catastrophes in the world.  I recently learned of this from a study done by a professor at UC Berkley.  They did a study on weather patterns for before hurricane katrina.  The weather patterns did indeed match with pre-hurricane weather but in further investigation from a weather balloon that there were unique energy signatures.  Upon more in-depth investigation of these energy signatures were that same energy signatures found on 9/11 at the WTC, the earthquake in Japan and Hatii.  These signatures carried the same charge and unique movement of atoms with constantly forming and dissolving ions bonds.

To our knowledge there is now ay to mass produce this energy without a controlled setting.  The only explanation we have is that it originated from a source that is secret to the public.  While the government denies any knowledge of this but aside from a piece of machinery that would use all the power in the world, the only explanation comes from the supernatural.  There have been wizards through history from Merlin to Rasputin all the way up to Criss Angel.  If this idea is too proposterous for you, the brain control waves from washington have already gotten to you and you MUST wear a tin foil hat at all times to break their hold.

Chris Spaghetti:
<——See left (Beneath his profile picture is the quote: “Sure, blame the wizards!”)

One of the many attempts of society to get the truth out

I am sick of this racism towards wizards. Blaming all of the world’s problems on them is sick and just another excuse to continue their persecution. Your post reminds me of nazi propaganda towards the jews before WWII. What kind of energy signatures are you talking about? Why would a weather balloon be keyed in to wizard energy signatures. What professor at burkley? Your racism sir is sick and I’d ask that you take it elsewhere. We support the wizards in their struggle against your kind and we will fight to the death for their right to live in our society.

Freedom hater.

You are obviously under their mind control. The weather balloon was not keyed in but monitoring intrusments were.  Wizards have the potential for good but at the moment they are on the wrong team.  They need to know how much they are hurting our world by hiding their wrong doing in things like Cthulu and Obamacare

Take your wizard hating propaganda out of here. Racism isn’t allowed. We don’t approve of genocide, where do you think this is darfur?

Magical Energy signatures… HA!

You’re just a fool who believes in magic.  I, however, know the truth.

Mad Science.

“Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur Clark
Thus, if you think it’s magic then it’s just science you don’t understand and the only science capable of such a thing is the work done by mad geniuses.

Please see for factual stories related to Mad Geniuses.

Ryan Onessence:
Now lets look at some coincidental title’s and phrases

1. Magistrate ?

Now I’m not inferring that all figures whom go by the title Magistrate are wizards. However I would like you to consider the notion of the OPer in regards to the words origin.

Magistrate; Magi; Mage; Magician; Magic; and just for the sake of it, Magnetism

Strate; Strategy.

you might consider that wizards may have been employed as Magistrates because they have the wizards strategy behind them in unveiling truth and or concealing

2. Weather “Forecast”

Fore; in precident of something

Now would it be unreasonable to point out that we never see a truly live realtime rendition of weather patterns, its always some half baked slide show of pre recorded (possibly shopped) frames.

Given the idea that thought & emotion  =  manifestation power, then these wizards are using the public through Televison and radio to custom divert disasters. The wizards have no real power of their own, they need the public to willingly and unwittingly focus their attention toward the desired outcome of the elite, so hypnosis it is, or errr rather was… for Now the elite have gotten more on their plate than they can handle with regards to weather control.

i.e. they have never been able to truly of their own accord create a catastrophic weather based event, but only direct the energy away from themselves through the manipulation of the masses attention.

Posting in this quality thread.


— Quote from: Tausami on October 01, 2011, 08:25:46 PM —

Posting in this quality thread.

— End quote —

Do you think the energy readings could have been from HAARP?

There is a distinct possibility that the energy readings were from HAARP.  But since posting this originally I have learned a lot more about this topic.  There is no doubt that wizards are in the government because they were the ones who commissioned the engineering of the AIDs virus.  Without their arcane knowledge we would be disease free.  So the point im making is that we as the american people need to stand up and fight against them.  It scares me how this thread fell away which is undoubtedly the work of government officials who have infiltrated our society of truth and knowledge seekers!

And on it goes. The full thread can be found here.  Make sure no wizards are looking over your shoulder before clicking.

I still don’t know which Harry Potter book the quote came from.


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