Back in high school I discovered the Writers’ Lounge, a GameSpot forum devoted to sharing works of literature. Over the next couple of years I would become one of its most active members. I posted short stories, I posted poems, I posted comedies, I posted epic tales. All of that made me a better writer. As they say, practice makes perfect, right?

But you know what kept me inspired to share my work? It wasn’t that I loved my work so much that I had to get it out there. Well, not just that. What kept me posting was the community. The Lounge was a small place. In any given week, only four or five people would be active—and that number decreased over the years. People came and went. Many were around the same age as I was, with only a handful being older, wiser, more published folk.

It was all I needed to get motivated. To know that my work would be read by these few people—it was a good feeling. I especially looked forward to their criticisms. What did they think of this chapter? Was the dialogue for this part okay?

A few months ago, GameSpot got rid of its forum feature. They apparently weren’t getting much traffic from the forums, so they nixed them. The Writers’ Lounge, and all the posts I had written there over the years, is now dead.

I tried to start a new forum. That one didn’t go so well. It turns out that GameSpot’s pre-installed community was the only reason TWL had members at all. Without that community, the forum couldn’t survive. There are currently 16 registered members on the new forum, and none of them are active.

I’ve decided to try again. The only reason I have my writing skillset is because of that writing community I joined in high school. Being able to share my work and get feedback—that was a better teacher for me than any blond lady in front of a chalkboard.

So now, I’ve created the Write Now Wiki. Same premise: a community oriented around writers sharing their work and getting feedback. Different platform: a dynamic, feature-rich wiki. But most importantly? A massive community waiting to be invited: Wikia is chalk full of nothing but writers.

It’s the perfect place to give this whole “community” thing another try. As the days go on and new members continue to join, posting their incredible writing left to right, I continue getting better vibes. Is my quest to create the ultimate writing community about to come to an end? I think so. Only time will tell.


One thought on “My Quest to Create the Ultimate Writing Community

  1. Sign me up. Sounds like a great idea. I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of months now since I moved to the Philippines (and it has very unreliable internet). This seems like a great way for me to get back into the flow of things.

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