Recently I’ve been mulling over this whole blogging thing. I think every blogger must go through this at some point. Truth is, I’ve had a blog before. Back when GameSpot was more community oriented (read: smarter and cooler and savvier), I used to post on my personal blogspace which the site offered. I posted mainly nonsense. I posted about high school, and how it sucked, and generally, a lot of personal stuff. As I ponder back to these days of juvenile thought-spilling, I realize I’ve lost something as I’ve grown up. That freedom. The sense of it. You know the one.

No greater proof exists of this fact than the url to this blog. “Kevin A.M. Lewis” dot wordpress dot com. Should I say that again? I don’t want to. It’s boring. It’s tame. It’s not free at all.

I can only guess at what happened. I published a story and suddenly gained a lot of self confidence. I started working by my literal bootstraps for pocket change, and darting the route to college on a daily basis. All very grown-up stuff, yeah? But I don’t see why or where the freedom ended. I don’t get it. This is my blog, and people viewing it want to hear my thoughts and views.

I’m gonna start doing that again. That mental-literal retching. The calendar for this blog is too empty—lord knows I have enough thoughts to spill to keep it going at least weekly. So I now warn those who are prone to flinching from cantankerous cantankering and who rebuke the expressive expressive: I am about to blast as much nonsense as is humanly inhumanly possible all over the all up in this. Beware.

Or something. That sounds a bit high in demand.


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