UPDATE:  Metal Shadow’s been accepted to JukePop! Check out the prologue right here, and be sure to “bookshelf” it for future updates!

Ohhh~ It’s finished. Metal Shadow Vol.1’s cover art. Behold:


Just look at that thing. *.*

It took two days to put together, but I think it came out well. If it looks a bit bare, that’s because it was meant to be. I mean, sometimes I look at it sideways and think it’s missing a little something something, but when I wonder what else I could add that wouldn’t crowd things, I never come up with anything. I wanted it clean, I wanted it bold, and I wanted it as focused as possible. Mission accomplished.

That symbol on the front is the Shepard’s Crook, a symbol for the Shepardist religion which plays a prominent role throughout the volume. I did a lot of research to come up with it. (I.e. Google.) In truth, it’s not an actual shepard’s crook I chose; what we’re looking at is the outline of a hitching ring with a ring hook attached. I just really wanted a crook with a loop in it so I can show off my awesome embossing skillz. (There were a few options for actual crooks, but none of them really sang to me.) Did a LOT of Google searches to find the exact image to work with, and I’m praying there’s no copyright infringement involved.

The color scheme is very specific. Gold text, red background, each with textures that would feel great on a book jacket. The reptilian texture on the background also has a sort of “dragon” implication to it, which is totally appropriate. Had to play around with the shadows and highlights—really, that took up most of my time. Also, each of the subsequent volumes’ cover art would play on this color scheme. Since you, fine reader, were lucky enough to stumble on this blog, I’ll tell you how, right here:

Vol.1: Element – Red background and gold text, Shepard’s Crook emboss – Symbolizes the Red Threat being the main villain, our main characters’ youth and passion, the fire element (the most basic), and a world of relative vibrance.

Vol.2: Enigma – Bronze background and silver-gold text, undecided emboss – Symbolizes a cast where anyone could be the villain, the red background has darkened to bronze, the text has lost luster, turning silver-gold, there will be some blue-green highlights to make it extra eerie, and a new type of elemancer is born.

Vol.3: Entity – Black background and silver text, Black God’s emblem emboss – Symbolizes the utter despair the world is in, the bronze background is now granite black, the text has lost its gold coloring and become silver; story-wise, the Metal Shadow Arts have begun.


NOPE! That’s enough for you! >:]

Ehhh, I’m rambling. Let’s all quiet down and just zoom in on all the details of Vol.1’s cover art and drool.


With that, I’m about to write the prologue and submit it to JukePop for their review. If we’re lucky, the series will be off to a start before the end of 2013! If not then oh dear lord I can’t even finish th

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Toss ’em in the comments section! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!


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