If you haven’t heard the news, I recently wrapped up my action fantasy serial on JukePop a little over a week ago. It was SUCH a fun ride! Early readers are loving all the plot twists at the end, as well as the cliffhanger which would lead into the main canon. Just who is the red-haired man!?

Right now I’m chilling out in the aftermath of all those explosions and twisters and just reveling in my accomplishments. I’ve got some plans lined up to edit the story soon, as well as do another character interview on this blog, this time with all nine main characters, but that’s a ways off. In the meantime I thought I’d share some thoughts a friend of mine left on the series. I’ve edited it for easy reading as well as to omit spoilers. Without further ado…

Thoughts from a reader of Metal Shadow Prelude on—

Chapter 51 – 52:

That’s one hell of a cliffhanger. And now I’ve got even more stuff to wonder about.

It’s rather heartwarming to see the group interacting in a more relaxed, social manner for once rather than the typical “Agent Elf barks orders, Noa angrily screws everyone at the nearest opportunity” style of behaviour they were previously using. Then again, they are finally back together as friends and family rather than as agents. Well, except for the Winter Queen. Damn Gineden for ending this brief moment of companionship. Also shipping Ariel and Zion.

The nine main characters:

Rail / Elira, Ex / Arcouda, Delta / Dick – No opinion, they don’t show much of themselves in their dialogue. Seem more distant, chilly than the next three squaddies.

Ghost / Enkiden – Comes across as being on the friendly boisterous side, deserves it because he seems to be tougher and more energetic than almost all the other squaddies.

Lair / Ariel – I can best describe her as being a bit girlier than a female version of Ghost.

Ziare / Zion – Inherently more stressful and complicated role than the rest, so it’s no wonder that he makes more mistakes than they do. Doesn’t excuse his initial displays of cowardice which he thankfully grows out of. Has a good heart and understands the meaning of determination though.

Elf / Rayshael – Easily the most formal, coldest squaddie. If not for the Winter Queen I’d consider Elf to be the story’s ice queen.

Noa – One of the scariest characters in the story, and definitely fucked up. She would be even more dangerous if she was more, uh, rational.

Van / Lad – He’s a bit like Noa in that he’s a bit single-minded and a sociopathic dick, but displays far more flexibility and is definitely more reasonable for the purposes of actually achieving it.

The length of the series (incl. Vol.1-5) and Metal Shadow the Video Game:

Never read [the Wheel of Time], dunno how long it is. I just get the impression (from you and a few other readers) that [Metal Shadow’s main series is] vastly longer than it actually has to be. ASoIaF books are between 200k to 400k and part of that is because a huge chunk of their “content” is “nothing important happens”. Your first saga alone is going to be between 400k to 600k and (if all goes to plan) have very little filler, which is what made me wonder exactly what the hell you’re planning to put in there.

You don’t need a whole year to write a book like the Prelude (which is the size of an average novel by itself), but your five sagas are like 25 times longer than the Prelude.

Metal Shadow as a video game sounds like something I would play….. except that I’ve never touched a JRPG before. Given the amount of content you want to cover I think the only way to really adapt it to consoles is by doing it Final Fantasy style and having a couple dozen different entries in the franchise.

…And so on. Those last thoughts were on my inference that the main canon would probably be about 200 chapters on JukePop per volume, with five volumes planned out. Don’t ask.

(I did the math and he’s right. The main series will be 25 times longer than the Prelude. That’s 25 Summers of Shadow.)

Anyway, chatting with readers about my characters, the length of the series, and future plans all make me one very happy bumpkin. I’m sure my fellow authors out there know this feel. Hey, have YOU read the Prelude yet? Do you agree or disagree with this reader? Share your thoughts!


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