So I’m about to submit a new story (a comedy, not that story I was talking about the other day) to JukePop Serials, one which I’ve been meaning to write for some time. While searching through my Google Drive folders for the original prologue to that story, I came across this old gem:

Under New Management: An Action Comedy Love Story

If I remember correctly, I submitted this story to one of the magazines I found in Duotrope, only to get rejected point blank. I’ll let you guys decide if that was a smart decision!

How’d I feel? I kind of expected it. Rejection is one of the things you have to train for as a publishing writer. MSPre is the only story I’ve ever published, despite submitting about a dozen others to numerous venues. And you know what? That’s all I really need! All my other stories are very personal artifacts, and I want to publish them at the right time, in the right format, to the right place, perfect.

The comedy I’m submitting to JP is in a slightly different vein from that one—you guys will just have to wait and see what I mean. I want to do a comedy for several reasons. First, I want wind down from Metal Shadow Prelude and just focus on having fun writing for once. You guys ever felt like that? Like one story was so emotionally draining, you need to write something silly?

I also want to do a comedy story because I don’t see enough of them around. I swear, for every Hobson & Choi tweet that shows up in my Twitter feed, there’s ten paranormal romance novels on sale for ninety-nine cents. Where’s the comedy people!?

Finally, I want to write a comedy because people have been saying (and pretty often) that I’m kind of hilarious. Hopefully I can bring all my Internet funsies to the page with this new title. I just reread the prologue and I’m pretty confident I will.

I’ll keep you guys posted. For now, gobble down that humorous short story up there for zero dollars and zero cents.


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