Great to hear Robbie’s thoughts on finishing his serial on JP!

werekynd end

Not long ago I interviewed Scottish author Robbie MacNiven, who wrote Werekynd–Beasts of the Tanglewild. This fantasy serial has been both the longest-running serial, and the most popular one, in the short history of JukePop Serials (where my own serial, The Armored Satchel, is still running). Yesterday, Robbie put up Chapter 34 of Werekynd–the final chapter, thus bringing his adventure on JukePop, both literally and as a writer, to a close.

Robbie blogged about the final chapter here and provided some interesting thoughts. Please do check out the full article, but here are some of his comments on finishing Werekynd:

Werekynd has now run for nine months, making it Jukepop’s longest ongoing serial. On Saturday it finishes with Chapter 34 – Warpwood Dreams and Tangled Destinies. I won’t be cringey and say “it’s been a great adventure.” In truth Werekynd is riddled with faults. I…

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