Found this old gem lying around my Drive folders. Wrote it to this really chill beat on Newgrounds a few years ago, though the beat is gone now, unfortunately. I’m posting it as inspirational material for another story I intend to write called The Sword and the Cipher, which will pretty much blow everyone’s mind whenever it drops.

So enjoy!

I see stars without lights
A tall city with no height
A sky closed like an eyelid
Sheltering our past plights
Our base wrongs and our fistfights

I see streets blank as a page
The lamposts are the trees
And the lamplight is the shade

Concrete sits like broken flesh
Striated and cracked
Houses stare like ghost faces
Death’s here like a fact

The remnants of an age
Lie strewn about like spare verses
Empty cars sit astride empty roads like dead hearses
The sidewalks were for sidetalks and snatching purses
But now…

All I wanna hear is some sirens, a sine tone
Something to take me home to that…
Something better than silence

But alas,
To all good things an end
The zeitgeist was thoroughly broke
We knew it all too well


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